Updates from St. Louis on Work of Task Forces, by Pr. Tim Rossow

A few months ago I complained that most of the email coming out of synod and district was weighted toward the mercy end of our denominational theme of “witness, mercy and life together.” I was pleased to get a mass email the other day from President Harrison with updates on the work of the task forces appointed by the last synod convention. You can see these updates by clicking here. Two of the four task forces deal with the doctrine of the office of the ministry.

I have not had time to study the details of each task force so I invite our readers to search them out and leave your comments here.

I did peruse the page on the task force on the work of licensed deacons and did not find much other than a promise of future meetings and a report by next summer. It is a little painful to watch bureaucracy at work and I am not sure the task force approach is the way St. Paul or our Missouri Synod fathers would do it. If there is error then teachers who know the truth need to teach it to the errorists. If we as a synod are not sure error is error then we are probably up a creek without a paddle and no bureaucracy can save us. None the less I am glad to see something doctrinal coming out of St. Louis.

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