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Ever want to “start new to reach new?” Ever feel retro for wearing a clerical? Want to know what it means to be a sacramental entrepreneur? Want to know how the pastor should call the non-ordained to the pulpit? Want to know how Pr. Bill Woolsey does it? Learn this all from the horses mouth.


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  1. Oh, HIM! Is that “Crosspoint” (no “e”) church? I did a review of their website a couple of weeks back. Say no more–I’ll take a pass. Sheesh!

  2. Can anyone explain why new churches are using the word ‘point’ or ‘pointe’ in their name.

  3. > why new churches are using

    The answer is always something that was considered hip, usually someplace in american mid- to large- corporate circles, and always at least ten years past hipness.

    American corporatism has been compared to other unpleasant realms, and comes out as the least evil. But the church it ain’t.

  4. Hmmm, this troubles me on their web site???

    If you are a district or denomination, we would love to talk about helping you create a system that identifies, assesses, trains, launches and supports sacramental entrepreneurs, all geared to your unique context.

    Are these guys going to stray and promote a non-Lutheran denomination?

  5. @Pastor David L. Prentice Jr. #8 “Are these guys going to stray and promote a non-Lutheran denomination?” I don’t know, but their keynote speaker was Tullian Tchividjian.
    The first paragraph of his bio: “William Graham Tullian Tchividjian (pronounced cha-vi-jin), is the senior pastor of one of America’s most well-known churches, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Churchin Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a Lecturer of Pastoral Theology at Knox Theological Seminary, a contributing editor to Leadership Journal, and the grandson of Evangelist Billy Graham. He is a graduate of Columbia International University, where he earned a degree in philosophy, and Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, where he earned an M.Div. degree (Master of Divinity). Tullian was the founding pastor of the former New City Church, which merged with Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in 2009.”
    Now what do you think? 🙁

  6. @JoyfulNoise #13

    Your sadness is well-founded. This stuff has been going on for a long time, and it shows no sign of abating. Without pointing any specific fingers at any specific people, when the preacher can only exhort to “good works,” while presenting the Gospel only as information, then I have to draw the conclusion that the preacher has no faith in the power of the Gospel. When preachers try to be relevant by using such phrases as, “Gave him the finger,” “B.S. detector,” and “Tear him a new one,” then the inescapable conclusion is that he has no respect for God, or for his hearers. When the praise band drives folks from the church holding their ears, then it’s only about performance and emotion. That’s where this stuff is going.

  7. What bothers me most is the blatant denigration of anything that is not new. What does that say to young people and teens who are much more comfortable in liturgical church worship? Where is the encouragement of young people to learn more?

  8. Helen, you have reminded me how 50 years ago we children and dogs too would be bounced around in the back of a open pickup truck on dirt country roads. It’s amazing we weren’t ever thrown out. What a great time. Of course it is now illegal for children to ride in a truck like that and it should be.

  9. @Jeff #17
    Helen, you have reminded me how 50 years ago we children and dogs too would be bounced around in the back of a open pickup truck on dirt country roads.

    I remember that, but my parents wouldn’t even allow the dog back there on the road. Once or twice, sitting on the floor, and driving in the field road, (i.e., 5 mph), I remember doing it.
    [I probably did riskier things with horses, but survived.]

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