Time to Catch Up!

FB-profile3With summer in full swing and plenty of time on your hands, it’s time to catch up on “Steadfast Throwdown,” the radio and podcast arm of Brothers of John the Steadfast.

In “Round 15”:

Mr. Nathan Redman gives “No Apologies” for confessing the faith at family gatherings and on social media.

Pastor Stephen Anderson discusses the Scriptural basis and the benefits of “The Smoke of Incense.”

In “Round 16”:

Pastor Christopher Hull explains the central and comforting doctrine of “The Atonement.” Which theory of the Atonement is correct? Do we really have to choose?

Pastor Joe Abrahamson continues his “Catechism Series.” In Part 5, he debunks Benny Hinn’s claim that there are *nine* persons in the Godhead, a.k.a. the Holy Trinity, and then discusses the Third Article and the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

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About Pastor Randy Asburry

Pr. Randy Asburry serves as Senior Pastor of Hope Lutheran Church, St. Louis, MO. In addition to earning his MA in Classics (Greek and Latin) from Washington University, St. Louis (1992), he also earned his STM in Systematic Theology from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis (1998), writing on Luther’s view of faith in the Catechisms. He has written for Good News magazine and Concordia Publishing House, served on subcommittees for Lutheran Service Book, and has been a regular guest on Issues, Etc. He serves as regular fill-in host for KFUO's "Thy Strong Word" Bible study program, and now produces the podcast called Sacred Meditations.


Time to Catch Up! — 3 Comments

  1. Good that Pastor Hull affirmed the three theories. He is correct in suggesting that Luther subscribed to all three.

    Curious, however, is that there are those who continue promoting the “atonement theory” of the late ELCA theologian, Gerhard Forde.

    I’ll let Martin Yee present his take on Forde:

    “According to Forde, the truth is that Jesus was killed because He forgave sins and claimed to do it in the name of God. Jesus came not just to teach about mercy and forgiveness of God but to do it. And He did it unconditionally! This shatters our human mindset which is conditional and used to such order. Jesus is thus perceived as dangerous and crazy, and was murdered by us. But from God’s point of view, He will not be “satisfied” until He has mercy on who He will have mercy. God knew that unconditional love and mercy will spell the “end of us”, our conditional world. Our sin is that we cannot and will not tolerate such unconditional forgivesness. So we move to kill Jesus. There is nothing for Him to do but to “die for our sins” and “give His life a ransom for many.” The resurrection is therefore the vindication of Jesus’s life and God’s insistence that unconditional forgiveness be actually given “in Jesus’ name.” To accept such forgiveness is to die to the old and be made new in Him. His death is also our death (2 Corinthians 5:14).

    Source: http://lutherantheologystudygroup.blogspot.com/2011/07/gerhard-forde-on-atonement.html. Accessed July 4, 2014.

  2. Spell my name right! It has a “V” not a “PH”! Come on, Patrick! 😉

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