Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — Dr. John Dominic Crossan — 2 Comments

  1. The saddest thing about Fundamentalism is that their literal interpretation of the resurrection stems from selfish motives: “How comforted am I going to feel on MY deathbed?” is their core reality. The core reality of what Dr. Crossing is affirming is characterized by the question, “How does the life and death and teachings of Jesus change the WORLD’S reality through me?” Ultimately, this comes down to the question, “What is more important, what Jesus allegedly DID, or what Jesus allegedly TAUGHT, and how does it change us ALL?” All the shiny happy miracles of the Bible mean nothing if you aren’t a miracle in the lives of others. And the final viscious name-calling by so-called Christian listeners only proves my point. Christianity is an action word.

  2. Good morning Sharon, I think you’re very wrong about why christians cling so tenaciously to the literal ressurection. Without diving into deep wells of theology, simply put, the apostle Paul informs us that the literal ressurrection is the foundation of our entire faith. Without it, we are quite literally left without hope, as dead and doomed in our sins as we always were. We don’t cling to it as some kind of spiritual therapeutic soothing idea to help us die in peace, we believe it because it has been handed down by faithful witnesses and confirmed individually in us by the word of God.

    Furthermore, Jesus didn’t “allegedly”, but He actually taught about His own ressurection throughout the gospel accounts and He made it and what it would accomplish along with His death, the central focus of why He came to earth.

    Unfortunately, to answer your second question, to attempt to apply Jesus’ teachings in some kind of moralistic code by which we improve our lives and the lives of others still leaves us only enslaved to a law we can never fulfill. If we don’t have what He “did”, namely His death for sins and His ressurection to new life, we have nothing but a guru Jesus who teaches us how to live better and die condemned in our sins. Such a life as Paul puts it, is to be pitied.

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