BJS Holds Church Growthers Ransom for One Million Comments, by Pr. Rossow

“Church Growthers, release your home spun creeds and liturgies, your felt needs, your sermons on ten keys to do this or that and your missional minded leader or we will unleash one million comments from a Confessionally Lutheran blog on you!” He raises his index finger to his pursed lips in the manner of Dr. Evil and says “Yes, I said one m-i-l-l-i-o-n comments.”

Of course it is not about the numbers but it is nice to know that we are just 40,000 comments shy of reaching one million. There may be Lutheran blogs with more than that but probably not more than you could count on your two index fingers.

Thank you to our readers, both pro and con, for your interest and for your support of this enterprise.

The Brothers of John the Steadfast (BJS) blog is a part of the larger BJS enterprise. It is certainly our most successful effort. It was originally intended to be the tail of the dog, the actual animal being a collection of Confessions Reading Groups and local chapters of confessional men around the world. We have started and/or indexed over fifty reading groups and we have a couple of local chapters around the country but it is the blog that has really taken off.

We started in the wake of the debacle of Issues Etc. being taken off the LCMS airways. That has turned out nicely for Issues and for BJS. It was writers in the first couple of years like the now sainted Klemet Preus and notable columnist Mollie Ziegler Hemingway that put us on the map as well as some hard hitting editorializing against liberal and church growth practices in the LCMS, criticism of then LCMS president Jerry Kieschnik and open support for Matthew Harrison to replace him.

These days the success of BJS is due to the hard work of our Associate Editor Joshua Scheer and our computer expert Norm Fisher. We will continue to put out the latest news and commentary in Confessional Lutheranism and look forward to all of you taking us to the two million comment mark soon.

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