Study the Catechism with “Steadfast Throwdown”

FB-profile3Martin Luther’s Small Catechism has been called “the layman’s Bible,” chiefly because it teaches the truths of Holy Scripture in plain and simple terms. Join us on “Steadfast Throwdown” as Pr. Joe Abrahamson walks us through “the layman’s Bible” in our ongoing Catechism Series.

In Part 1, hear an overview of the Catechism and Pr. Abrahamson’s “throwdown” against faulty views of God, original sin, and God’s Law.

In Part 2, learn what Pr. Abrahamson means by the Catechism’s “3 x 3 structure” (which Pr. Randy Asburry definitely intends to steal), and why we need God’s Law.

In Part 3, hear more about God’s Law and how the different kinds of law–moral, civil, and ceremonial–relate to each other.

In Part 4, rejoice as we get to the Apostles’ Creed and the Gospel … and hear how Richard Dawkins “learned” the Christian faith.

Keep checking back at for future parts in our Catechism Series!


Study the Catechism with “Steadfast Throwdown” — 2 Comments

  1. Who is being quoted when you write that the catechism is “the layman’s Bible”? Actually, I’m pretty sure the Bible is the layman’s Bible! The Bible is God’s Word. The catechism contains God’s Word and words of humans that describe God’s Word. It seems to me there is an important distinction there. As I recall, the reformers were pretty adamant that the Bible belongs in the hands of the laity.

  2. @Bruce E. Wurdeman #1
    That phrase comes from the Formula of Concord, Epitome, The Summary, Content, Rule, and Norm, paragraph 5:

    “Such matters also concern the laity and the salvation of their souls. Therefore, we also confess Dr. Luther’s Small and Large Catechisms as they are included in Luther’s works. They are “the layman’s Bible” because everything necessary for a Christian to know for salvation is included in them, which is handled more extensively in the Holy Scriptures.” (McCain, Paul Timothy (2009-06-01). Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions, Second Edition (Pocket Edition) (Kindle Locations 8568-8570). Concordia Publishing House. Kindle Edition.)

    It was the Reformers themselves who labeled the Catechisms of Luther as “the layman’s Bible.” Their point was simply to say that the Catechisms teach nothing other than God’s Word. And, yes, they also “were pretty adamant that the Bible belongs in the hands of the laity.” They saw no need to drive a wedge between the Scriptures and the Catechisms, and neither should we.

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