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Youth Ministry

The White Horse Inn has been doing a series on youth ministry and while it has been good in general, the most recent episode had one of the most jarring moments in a podcast I have experienced and not in a good way.

T. David Gordon was talking about having a discussion with your children about the serious nature of the demands Christ makes and whether they are willing to make this decision or not. Then Mike Horton tells a story about a similar discussion with his sons when they were considering making their “profession of faith”. He told them to consider that while they would become Christ’s own and that meant redemption it also meant carrying a cross. Mr. Horton concludes by telling how they were ready a year later. All I could think was, “What comfort could this system give if either of these boys had died in that interim year?” I had never heard redemption that explicitly tied to the “profession of faith” by a serious teacher and I did not enjoy it.

relevant discussion begins about 28:30

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