Steadfast Throwdown Series on Luther’s Catechisms

FB-ThrowdownCoverImageSteadfast Throwdown on KNGN and Pirate Christian Radio has started a series of interviews that focus on the structure and use of Martin Luther’s Catechisms in personal, family, and congregational devotional life.

This first program discuses what a Catechism is, what catechesis is, and the value of such Biblical instruction, especially when confronted with mainstream christian preachers like Rob Bell, Joel Osteen, David Aschcraft.

The first half of this week’s show deals with Pr. Christopher Neuendorf’s article on Blogia regarding former LCMS pastor Joshua Genig’s abdication from the Lutheran faith into Eastern Orthodox. Much of what is discussed in this part of the program is also a matter of basic Catechism learning. The discussion on Luther’s Catechisms in particular comes in at the midway point of the show at minute 27:00.

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