Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — Mr. Rogers — 3 Comments

  1. I grew up outside Pittsburgh and tuned into Mr. Rogers as a child. Later I wrote a onep age reaction paper on him for college. He was an ordained Presbyterian minister who was given special dispentation by the Presbyterian church to continue to minister to children through his television program rather than be placed into a parish setting.
    If you are ever near Pittsburgh there was a theme park called “Idlewild” that has an oversized land of makebelieve, complete with a full size trolley that brings you through the curtain and past all the puppets just like in the show.
    Thanks for posting this great throwback media pick!

  2. I remember an interview with Bob Kieschan (Sp?) who portrayed Captain Kangaroo many years ago. He was asked what the difference was between him and Fred Rogers. His answer was priceless! He said: “I’m acting.”

  3. Insightful analysis by Pastor Cwirla. I’m a big fan of Fred Rogers. Thanks to Amazon, over 300 episodes are available to watch, and my young kids frequently watch. Recent documentary movies such as “Speedy Delivery” and “Mister Rogers and Me” show the depth of this man and the connection he had (and still has) with so many people. Thanks for posting the interview.

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