Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — Calvinism & Lutheranism — 2 Comments

  1. An interesting note on this: while Calvinism is staunch on the TULIP portions, beyond those points Calvinism is not nearly as monolithic as I had initially thought.

    For example, some Calvinists sound almost Lutheran with the stress on the efficacy of the sacraments, while others (particularly in the Baptist tradition) do not.

    I also found out that Calvin also gave absolution in his liturgies, particularly during his time in Strasbourg. That floored me, because I had never heard any modern Calvinist (apart from one particular Presbyterian pastor I know) do anything remotely close to absolution.

    Also, Calvin himself was strongly “law/gospel” oriented like Luther. It’s not until after the Puritan influence upon Calvinism that you see the distinction blurred like it is now with some Calvinist scholars.

    I’m convinced that Puritanism hindered Calvinism; while Calvin had his faults, his theology looked a lot closer to Luther’s than it did after the Puritans ran with it.

  2. Agree, J Dean. The Puritans(historical) kinda remind me, when I think on it, of CERTAIN modern ‘confessional’ Lutherans.

    I love both Calvin and Luther. The modern followers of both strands of the Faith would be well served going back to their founders’ theology.

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