Great Stuff — The Purpose of the Bible – Statement of Biblical and Confessional Principles 1973

Great Stuff found over on MercyJourney. This is extracted from the 1973 Statement of Scriptural and Confessional Principles.


images-1The Purpose of Scripture 

We believe that all Scripture bears witness to Jesus Christ and that its primary purpose is to make men wise unto salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. We therefore affirm that the Scriptures are rightly used only when they are read from the perspective of justification by faith and the proper distinction between Law and Gospel.

Since the saving work of Jesus Christ was accomplished through His personal entrance into our history and His genuinely historical life, death and resurrection, we acknowledge that the recognition of the soteriological purpose of Scripture in no sense permits us to call into question or deny the historicity or factuality of matters recorded in the Bible.

We therefore reject the following views:

  1. That knowing the facts and data presented in the Scripture, with out relating them to Jesus Christ and His work of salvation, represents an adequate approach to Holy Scripture.
  2. That the Old Testament, read on its own terms, does not bear witness to Jesus Christ.
  3. That it is permissible to reject the historicity of events or the occurrence of miracles recorded in the Scriptures so long as there is no confusion of Law and Gospel.
  4. That recognition of the primary purpose of Scripture makes it irrelevant whether such questions of fact as the following are answered in the affirmative: Were Adam and Eve real historical individuals? Did Israel cross the Red Sea on dry land? Did the brazen serpent miracle actually take place? Was Jesus really born of a virgin? Did Jesus perform all the miracles attributed to Him? Did Jesus’ resurrection actually involve the return to life of His dead body?

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