Steadfast Lutherans Status

site-downWe apologize for the problems that we’ve been having with the BJS site over the past week or so; our host first replaced the disk system, and now has replaced the computer that it was hosted on (moving the disk system into a different computer).

Hopefully this has resolved the problems. We continue to try to be pro-active on keeping this site up and running.

Here’s a message we posted on our facebook feed earlier:

Please bear with us as we are having all sorts of trouble with our hosting service. Because of this not only is down, but also the other sites that we help host on our dedicated server – and being the most popular.

We will let you know when things are back up and running for good. Until then, downtime and uptime will be intermittent. Our apologies.

We certainly hope that this has resolved the issues and we are again the site to go to.

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