The Implications Of Truth

71829_154372984601917_8199985_nI recently had the opportunity to speak at the LCMS Wyoming Convocation titled, “Tell the Good News About Jesus.”   This convocation is an annual event for the LCMS Wyoming District. 

At the convocation I presented on the implications of truth.  Yes, truth is very influential and it is extremely powerful.   In fact it is so powerful that it impacts our worldview, language, and emotions.

Below I have posted the PowerPoint slides and presented articles for each of the sessions, as well as the recorded videos for each session.  I do need to take this opportunity to apologize for the audio quality of session one.  The quality of the sound is very poor; however, I do believe that the presentation is still understandable.

Please feel free to download the articles and watch the videos on this most fascinating subject, for as you will learn, truth is indeed powerful.

Part 1: An overview of the subject of truth and its powerful repercussions upon the three dimensions of worldview, language, and emotions

Part 1 PowerPoint Slides
Article: Your Quintessential Knowledge Source: God’s Word


Part 2: Exploring the ramifications of competing linguistics, worldview, and knowledge sources

Part 2 PowerPoint Slides
Article: The Consequences of Opposing Worldviews and Opposing Sources of Knowledge


Part 3: Practical Application and exploring the ramifications of absorbing new sources of truth

Part 3 PowerPoint Slides
Article: We Need the Lutheran Confessions Because a Theology of Experience is Not Easily Transferable
Article: Liturgy, Neither Alone Nor Neutral
Article: Care for Those Experiencing a Truth Transition

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