Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — Responding to Evangelical Proof Texts: Revelation 20:5-6 — 3 Comments

  1. For those too busy to listen right away, I hope you won’t mind my offering to supply some notes I typed from this interview for my Bible app below:

    ISSUES ETC 2/6/13 interview with Pr. McGuire (LCMS): Where does Scripture use “thousand years” elsewhere? There are only two places in Scripture – 2Peter 3:8, which quotes the other text: Psalm 90:4. Both use metaphorical language, not literal. Revelation is full of symbolic language (Christ is called a lamb for Pete’s sake, but no one would say we worship a literal sheep), which even the staunch premillennialist has to admit.

 Premillennialists want to use this in a literal sense, because it suits them, though in many other spots they get strange with their interpretations of other events in this particular Book. Okay, Hal Lindsay, how can you say “locusts” in Rev are “Apache attack helicopters”? 

The best strategy for interpreting Rev, so as not to be overly dismissive and make everything in it to be figurative, is to let scripture interpret scripture. 

Life in this verse is happening NOW. End of Matthew Christ says “All authority has been given to Me…” He is ruling NOW and using His ministers and saints i.e. the Keys – which if that’s not ruling WITH Him, I don’t know what is!

 This whole 1st vs 2nd Resurrection is NOT two physical resurrections, since this would be the only CLEAR time in all Scripture this is taught. We Amilleniallists believe this 1st Resurrection is conversion; the 2nd is indeed the physical one. Proof? See John 5:24-25 – “I tell you the truth he has crossed over from death into life” when one first believes is a spiritual resurrection.

    SUMMARY: the premillennialist view vastly over-emphasizes the Millennium and dimishes the cross. They make the former the point of all Scripture and diminish the latter as something God had to do because He got sidetracked by Adam long ago.

  2. Good interview and points. I’ve heard it said by several pastors that one can’t get Revelation until one gets the other 65 books of the Bible first. There are no new teachings in Revelation!
    Marc, I’ve also found that dispensationalists are severely more Israel-centered than Christ-centered.

  3. True, Joel D.

    (Btw, I think I got the original air date wrong in my notes. Sorry gang.)

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