Listen to Concord Matters tomorrow on KFUO — with a Campus Ministry flavoring…

ConcordMattersw260On Saturday I hosted the KFUO show Concord Matters along with two guests, Pr. David Kind of ULC in Minneapolis and Pr. Marcus Zill of St. Andrews in Laramie, WY (LCMS U).  We had an excellent time going through the Second Commandment as found in the Small Catechism.  Tune in for a rebroadcast tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2 PM CST for the show.

Here is the KFUO streaming site.

Here is the Concord Matters Archive at KFUO.

While you read this or listen to the show, consider supporting the work of Pr. Kind at ULC as they work to rebuild it, this time for good so that no one can take it from them.

Here is the BuildULC site.


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