Feb 25-27 – ACELC Conference NEWS FLASH! — President Saunders

ACELC-Logo2014 ACELC Conference NEWS FLASH!

Christ for Us: The Office of the Holy Ministry

This Feb. 25-27 in Cedar Falls, Iowa!


Come hear speakers like Iowa East District President BRIAN SAUNDERS address important issues relating to the Office of the Public Administration of God’s Word!

Who established the Pastoral Office? Who fills the Pastoral Office? In whose stead and by whose command does the Pastoral Office speak? … These and other questions will be addressed using texts from the Lutheran Confessions that identify and speak to the Office of the Holy Ministry. Together we will explore the very nature of the PredigtAmt as well as the reason Christ has placed it in the midst of His Sheep.

“The Lord be with you” invites the congregation to recognize the office of the pastor as the office of Christ, at the moment when heaven comes to earth to dwell in their midst. The congregation responds “And with thy Spirit” to recognize what is happening in their presence. Christ is in their midst- incarnate in the Holy Office of the Word.  The Christological Nature of the PredigtAmt – Rev. Dr. Brian Saunders

 Register today at www.ACELC.net !

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