The Emancipation Proclamation Decimation…

Unborn BabyIf you don’t read “He remembers the barren” you are missing a blog that covers difficult life topics in a cross centered way. Katie Schuermann in this post addresses the difficult truth behind IVF and what the repercussions are.
 “America is still in the slave market, and it’s called third-party reproduction.

With enough money, American citizens can go out and buy every ingredient on the “How to Make a Baby” recipe and create their own person to love and to cherish and to, well, to grade and to abuse and to legally discriminate and to throw away and to terminate and to deny any personal right to gamete donor information. We as a nation no longer sail across the ocean to capture and enslave human beings. We simply do it right here in a petri dish in the land of the free and the brave.”


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About Pastor Joshua Scheer

Pastor Joshua Scheer is the Senior Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is also the Editor-in-chief of Brothers of John the Steadfast. He oversees all of the work done by Steadfast Lutherans. He is a regular host of Concord Matters on KFUO. Pastor Scheer and his lovely wife Holly (who writes and manages the Katie Luther Sisters) have four children and enjoy living in Wyoming.


The Emancipation Proclamation Decimation… — 6 Comments

  1. I feel as if I’m in a Twilight Zone episode, but after reading these pieces I realize that it’s as real as it can get. Truly, humanity has been reduced to nothing more than a commodity.

  2. “Oh, brave new world! That has such people in’t!” Most excellent article. And thanks for the link to “He Remembers”. It’s now bookmarked for me.

  3. The IVF industry also exploits poor women by buying their eggs, of which every woman has a finite number. The “dream of parenthood” of two gay men is, of course, an obscene hoax. These children have lost their mother to a commercial transaction.

  4. to deny any personal right to gamete donor information.

    In the interests of complete disclosure, there are many people, born before (and after) Roe vs Wade who have no access to their birth parents’ identities because of the practice of “closed” adoption.

    My own children couldn’t prove their parentage from the official birth certificate. The state in which they were born chose not to “discriminate against children of single mothers” so the certificate only lists the name of the child, the date and the location of the birth. We used their baptismal certificates for school admittance in the next state, for passports, etc.

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