Freedom of Worship? Attend the 2014 Lutheran Concerns Association Conference

2014 LCA ConferenceThe First Amendment to the United States Constitution reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

“Freedom of religion” has been one of the hallowed rights, literally etched into stone, of our republic.  Not so much any more.  Freedom of religion is morphing into “freedom of worship.”  It’s the perfect storm – a swirling low pressure void that occurs where the left hand and right hand kingdoms intersect in a not-so-theological or constitutional way.  What does this mean for Christians?  Find out at this year’s very timely Lutheran Concerns Association Conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The theme is “Speaking Against the New Norms of Our Culture with the Unchanging Truth of the Triune God.”

The Conference is on January 20, the day before Concordia Theological Seminary’s Annual Symposia, and it’s not too late to register. I don’t use the word “fantastic” often, but this truly is a fantastic lineup of speakers, including

Professor Rev. Jeffrey H. Pulse – Bible Study

Rev. Dr. William Weinrich – Opening Devotion

Mr. Walter Dissen, Esq., – Welcome & Greetings

Rev. Geoffrey Robinson – Greetings from the Indiana District

Mr. Mark Stern, Esq. – From Toleration to Supremacy: A Review of Recent Supreme Court Decisions

Rev. Michael Kumm, Chairman, LCMS Board of Directors – State of the Synod

Mr. Timothy Goeglein – Christianity in the Halls of Power: Why Faith and Public Life Converge

Rev. Dr. Laurence L. White – Two Kingdom’s—One Lord, Our Squandered Heritage

Chaplain Craig G. Muehler, Captain, USN – Serving in a First Corinthians’ World

Rear Admiral Luther F. Schriefer USN (Ret) – Christians in Today’s Military

Panel Discussion

There will also be brief appearances by  Mr. David Hawk and Deaconess student Sara Schultz.  You can find more on the bios of the speakers here, and you can download a registration form here.

A sneak peak from Mark Stern’s presentation: “Our constitutional system cannot be maintained in the face of a public willing to tolerate widespread lawlessness by their elected officials.”  This is a unique opportunity to hear a group of excellent speakers in an intimate setting. Come join us.

About Scott Diekmann

Scott is a lifelong LCMS layman. Some of his vocations include husband, dad, jet driver, runner, and collector of more books than he can read. Oh, and also chocolate lover. He’s been involved in apologetics for over a decade, is on the Board of Regents at Concordia Portland, and is a column writer for the sometimes operational Around the Word Journal. He’s also written for Higher Things Magazine, The Lutheran Clarion, and has been a guest on Issues Etc. as well as the KFUO program Concord Matters.


Freedom of Worship? Attend the 2014 Lutheran Concerns Association Conference — 4 Comments

  1. Scott,

    Thanks for publicizing this. I look forward to the conference and hearing the great lineup of speakers.

    In addition to losing our freedom of religion we are also losing our freedom of speech. Unless you cow-tow to the political correct speech-police you are marginalized and made out to be a dangerous crackpot.

    Ginny Valleau
    Independence, MO

  2. I wish I could attend. This is so needed for our time. Lawless judges have run amok! God help us.

  3. Dear Scott,

    Thanks for posting this. I am planning to attend and really look forward to it. Look forward to seeing you too, if you are there . . .

    Yours in Christ, Martin R. Noland

  4. I’m the moderator, so by default I guess that means I’ll be there Dr. Noland. I’m glad you’re coming. Maybe we can hang out in the CTS library again!

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