Divine Service — an Explanation

DS-ExplanationMany of you have observed the “Explanation of the Divine Service” pamphlets that are found in the pew racks at Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville while attending a conference or event there.

The Brothers of John the Steadfast have worked with Martin Graphics to make a version of this pamphlet available to the church at large.  Martin Graphics prepared and printed a laminated, four-color version of the pewcard last month.

These pewcards have been so well received that a second printing has now been completed.  Some of the comments coming back to us are:

  • “We’ve always wanted to write something like this, but never had the time”.
  • “I’m thrilled with it — in addition to having it available as information for our visitors, I’m planning on having a 2- or 3- week Bible study, reading through this and expanding on the liturgy”.
  • “It’s well designed and fits nicely behind our hymnals”.
  • “These are great for visitors and members alike, and a good tool to help members learn why we worship the way we do”.

For more information about “The Divine Service — an Explanation”, or to order them, click here.

We’ve also received several comments asking if our pewcard can be customized for the historic Lutheran Order of Service, published as “Divine Service 3” in LSB, the Common Service in the WELS Christian Worship; and of course the Order of Holy Communion in TLH.  When we created the initial version we looked through all orders of service from the Lutheran Service Book (LSB) and attempted to come up with a version that fits most of them.  We are now actively developing this version customized for DS3.


We gratefully acknowledge the work of Pastor Timothy Rossow who developed the first version of this publication.

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