Concord Matters on KFUO — recap and preview

ConcordMattersw260Well, the bull is out of the chute and the first week of Concord Matters is “in the can”.  The first episode was not short of technical issues as the non-studio located guests had some connection issues, but that is to be expected whenever technology is involved.  In the first episode we covered the first three or so paragraphs of the Preface to the Book of Concord.  This may not seem much, but we also covered some of the history of BJS and reading groups, and Charlie Henrickson also gave a very good overview of the history around the Book of Concord.  This first show included the four hosts (Rod Zwonitzer, Craig Donofrio, Charles Henrickson, and myself) as well as special guest BJS founder and Editor Tim Rossow.  If you think the show is moving slowly, stay listening as the Book of Concord has so much solid theology as to fill a life of study and relevant teachings for our daily lives.  Each paragraph has such depth and is worth looking at.

To listen to the first episode, click here.

Tune in on this tomorrow morning at 10:03 am CST for the next show.  This week Rod Zwonitzer hosts and will have two guests, the Brothers of John the Steadfast’s own “Steadfast Sermons” guy Pastor Tony Sikora, and Pastor Robert Zagore.  They will be picking up in the Preface to the Book of Concord (paragraph 4).  So grab your Book of Concord and listen in, study along with the show, and call in with your comments and questions – the show is meant for listener participation.

Coming up at the end of December I will have my first chance at hosting the show, and my guests that day will be Pastors Jonathan Fisk, Chris Hull, and Bryan Wolfmueller.  Tune in each week to keep up with the study and conversation.


Concord Matters on KFUO — recap and preview — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Pastor Scheer,

    I listened last Saturday to the broadcast and didn’t detect any technical difficulties. I enjoyed the informality of the participants and best of all everyone’s scholarship of the BOC. I look forward to tuning in tomorrow.


  2. “Concord Matters” is a valuable and informative resource. We are blessed to have it! Thank you.

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