The Divine Call Considered – Come join the hangout.

GodCallingTwo of our authors, Pastor Matt Richard and Pastor Eric Andersen have written posts on the Call process.  Both of them have recently gone through it, with Pr. Richard coming in through colloquy and Pr. Andersen going through the more typical call from the field.  This Tuesday, courtesy of the Table Talk Radio‘s co-Host and the General Editor of Theological Awesomeness of Around the Word journal, Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller will be having a Google Hangout with both pastors to discuss their experience and thoughts about the Divine Call process.  There are many things to consider in the process, as it uses human means (congregations, District Presidents, etc.) to extend what we believe to be a Divine Call to serve.  Hopefully they get a chance to discuss it.

The hangout will occur on Tuesday, December 3rd at 1:30 CST (12:30 MST for those of us near the mountains).  Stay tuned to BJS or our Facebook Page for a link to follow to watch the hangout happen.  The hangout will also be archived on YouTube for future consumption.






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