Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — The Altar Call

The Altar Call

While doing some digging in follow up to an earlier Pick of the Week, I found Pr. Jordan Cooper’s podcast on the history of the altar call instructive. It includes a discussion of why Lutherans should avoid this practice.



Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — The Altar Call — 16 Comments

  1. Perhaps my experience is limited, but I have never seen a Lutheran church, of any brand, do an altar call.

  2. @Brian Yamabe #3

    This congregation is part of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren. (Never heard of it until about 2 minutes ago.)

    Given this, I’m not surprised about the altar call. Emphasis is on the believing and committing of the individual person rather than God working through His means. The denomination has pietism written all over them with quotes like this,

    “The founders of this new denomination were ethnically Norwegian and their concern was that many of the Norwegian immigrants entering the US were Lutheran church members, but not necessarily active believers in Jesus.”

    “The CLB practices “believers membership” which means that it attempts to have all of the members of its congregations confessing believers in Christ and actively engaged in the life of the church.”

  3. @T-rav #4
    Sure, it is the pietistic leanings of Lutherans that leads to adoption of the practice. I was mainly trying to broaden David’s horizons :-). Also, there are pietistic leanings in the “mainstream” synods. I’ll do a little more digging and see if can post an example.

  4. @Brian Yamabe #5

    Don’t worry, I know what you were doing. I wasn’t criticizing the choice of example. I was just giving a little more background this congregation’s denominational beliefs.

  5. @Stef #8
    This was for you. I meant to post it on the other thread but life got in the way so I made sure I would get it out by making it my pick this week.

  6. My former pastor did a tent revival. Didn’t have an altar call. Might have had happened had all the people attending not been members.

  7. Pr. Cooper’s website and regular programs are actually worth following. Rarely repetitive, even handed (as in, he’s not an old curmudgeon), and intellectually capable, I make sure to follow justandsinner pretty regularly.

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