Calling all Book of Concord Reading Groups… please share your experience.

ConcordMattersw260As I announced previously, the good folks of Brothers of John the Steadfast along with KFUO Radio are going to be working together to bring a radio version of the BJS mainstay Book of Concord Reading Group.  This radio program (CONCORD MATTERS) will be a great time to listen to others discuss on a conversational level the great confession of Lutherans known as the Book of Concord.  Call-ins are also very much invited and welcomed for this program.

The first program begins in two weeks – November 30 at 10 A.M CST.  If you live in the St. Louis area, you can listen over the airwaves, but if you live anywhere else you can listen over the internet through their streaming site, or what I have found really useful, the KFUO app for my “smart” phone.

So back to the title – reading groups have been championed and started by various groups associated with BJS.  I would invite any comments on your experience of being a part of a reading group for our readers here to enjoy.

I for one along with an ELS pastor friend of mine (and fellow BJS author) Shawn Stafford started a reading group of “Lutheran” pastors in my first parish.  The word Lutheran is in quotes because it was the only requirement was to claim the name Lutheran.  We had clergy from the LCMS, ELS, WELS, ELCA, Lutheran Brethren, and AFLC all attend at times and have discussions around the Book of Concord.  It led me to have a lot of hope for other “Lutheran” groups that their clergy were willing to sit down around the Confessions and discuss them.  To this day it has helped me understand the concept of the “Evangelical Lutheran Church” to mean more than just LCMS (and thank God for that).

Please feel free to leave comments with your experiences in reading the Book of Concord with others and please tune in for the inaugural episode of “CONCORD MATTERS” on KFUO on November 30th.  It promises to be a good show and a show more than willing to have listeners join in through calling KFUO.

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