Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — Lutherfest


This pick is based on a recommendation from a reader. It is a series of lectures by Heiko A. Oberman on Luther. I’ve only had time to listen to one of the lectures, but it was very interesting and I will listening to the other two in good order.

From the website:

The centerpiece of the conference was the renowned Reformation historian Heiko A. Oberman (1930-2001), who gave three plenary addresses during the conference. One of the greatest intellectual historians of the twentieth century, Oberman revolutionized Reformation studies by urging for interpretation of the Reformation especially in its late medieval context. In 1982, he published what has become a classic of Luther studies: Luther: Mensch zwischen Gott und Teufel, published in English in 1989 as Luther: man between God and the devil.

The Formation of Martin Luther

Luther in the Reformation

The Influence of Martin Luther

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