Steadfast Moms — encouragement to get those little ones to church


by Holly Scheer

Hey, you.

I see your tired face. I know that this morning while trying to brush your teeth your kid knocked over your coffee. I know that finding clean socks for everyone can sometimes be embarrassingly difficult. I know that staying home seems like it would be better sometimes. I’d say sleeping in sounds better, but let’s be real, sleeping in is a thing of the past.

I know that when you are at church sometimes it feels like your child is the only one who can’t seem to sit and be quiet. And that depending on your congregation, they may be the only little voice in the building.

I know it can feel like trying to contain a small brigade of animals keeping your kids in the pew. I know that there are whole services you haven’t heard because you were doing damage control or pacing the back or running that new member of the potty training club to the bathroom again.

I want to tell you something. Maybe you hear it all the time, maybe you never hear it – bringing your children to church is the right thing to do. It’s the right thing to do when they are cooperative and it is the right thing to do when they aren’t.

All of this makes for some very long days. Add in your neighbor and it can get even longer – people and their helpful advice is sometimes anything but helpful.

Bringing up children in the faith is a daily challenge. It isn’t one that gets easier. The world is constantly pushing. The flesh is always wanting to give in.  Temptation rises up in the moments before you leave to skip church.  Don’t give in.

So, I wanted to remind you that it matters. I wanted to remind you that Jesus loves you and Jesus loves your children- even when they manage to drop their hymnal loudly during the prayers. And I wanted to say thank you for bringing your kids to church.

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