Steadfast in Society: It’s a BOY!!!

itsaboyIt’s a Boy!!! And it has been for a while. All of the world has been awaiting the birth of the royal baby for nine long months. During that time articles have been written, news reports have been given, the internet has been abuzz and prayers have been offered. For what? For a blob of tissue? For a parasite? Nope. The papers got it right: “It’s a boy,” and it always has been.

This Royal boy has been loved, adored, and cherished by the world since the announcement of his conception. And that’s great. But what makes it better is that the same world, which Christ our Lord said would hate us because of Him, has set a stage for one of the largest pro-life statements in generations without even saying a word. Every pen that was put to paper, every second of television time used to discuss the pregnancy, every story plastered across the internet, all of them were confessions of life in the womb and not simply outside of it. And since the world has confessed life inside the womb, it in turn has confessed ending that life as murder. Well done world, welcome to pro-life.

Royal or not, all life is given as a gift. The conception is a gift, the terms are gifts, the birth is a gift, and all these are but biological progressions toward the time when we are reborn of water and the Spirit in Holy Baptism. Now, I’m not so foolish and starry eyed to think that the world has a confession anywhere close to this. So, I’ll just be happy with this most recent confession that at least for Katie Middleton, her son had a life before birth and if that is true for her… then it’s true for everyone else. Take that post-modernists.

I, like the rest of the world, am excited for the royal family that they have brought another life into the world. I’m even more excited that as devout Church of England members this new baby boy will soon be reborn in the waters of Holy Baptism, though I wouldn’t hold your breath for a “Baptism watch.” Yet, while I am happy for them and I am excited for them, I must confess I’m not anymore (or any less) excited and happy for them than I am for each and every other mother who recognized the life inside of them and carried that life to term. Well done good and faithful servant mothers who have taken the mantle of your vocations and have delivered a child. Now, let’s get them to the font and let our Lord Jesus Christ make them a whole different kind of Royal. At least for today the world is unknowingly confessing life, yet it will come to it’s senses and soon will be back attacking the church. But take heart, my dear friend, Christ has overcome the world.


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  1. @SKPeterson #2 : “I remember the same feeling. Equal parts elation and exhaustion.”

    Not to mention my briefcase I left sitting in the driveway one morning when I went to work. Our first child was a preemie who initially needed to be fed every three hours; I helped with the nightshift.

  2. Recommended reading: Eric Metaxas’ December 2012 essay on Breakpoint.

    “. . . The Brits are clearly—and rightly—treating the royal baby not as a clump of cells to be disposed of for any reason but as fully human, as a person. Yes, friends, the language we use matters. Is the life in the womb a “product of conception” or a person, maybe even a prince in waiting?

    Philosopher Peter Kreeft says that the “personhood of the fetus is clearly the crucial issue for abortion, for if the fetus is not a person, abortion is not the deliberate killing of an innocent person.” Kreeft adds, “Persons have a ‘right to life’ but non-persons (e.g., cells, tissues, organs, and animals) do not.”

    Friends, our greatest weapon in the defense of human dignity is not bombs or bullets but the truth. Let’s wield it. For as Orwell also said, “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

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