Luther’s Small Catechism Part 3 The Second Commandment

BJSYouTubeButtonw125Our BJS Catechism Series continues with Part 3, the Second Commandment.

This one features Pastor May from Lutherans in Africa. Pr. May does this kind of Catechetical work all of the time as he travels through Africa teaching African Church leaders to teach other Africans the faith once delivered to the saints (and very conveniently contained and condensed into the Small Catechism).  If you think this is a laudable goal and godly work, consider supporting Lutherans in Africa by your prayers and other resources.

Watch for these and share it with your friends, you will not be disappointed. And as the summer goes by, keep coming back for more installments. For those pastors in the parish, these videos may serve as great introductions in your confirmation classes if you like them.


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