The Small Catechism Snippets on YouTube – a New BJS Project

BJSYouTubeButtonw125Great news to our readers (and watchers!).  Some of our authors here at BJS are working diligently on what we are calling “The Brothers of John the Steadfast Catechism Series”, which are 2-5 minute video segment summaries of the Small Catechism for you to use in any way you see fit.  The first installment is available now on the Steadfast Lutherans YouTube channel.  In it Pastor Chris Hull describes in brief the need historically for the Small and Large Catechisms and also their continued relevance today for all Christians.  Take a peek, share it with your friends, you will not be disappointed.  And as the summer goes by, keep coming back for the next installments.  For those pastors in the parish, these videos may serve as great introductions in your confirmation classes if you like them.



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