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Worldview EverlastingLutheran is a bad word



Need a crash course in Lutheranism? Well, this video is what you are looking for. Pastor Fisk answers four questions that all relate to true Christianity as it is found in Lutheran doctrine. Got friends who are confused about what Lutherans believe and why? Well, this is a good starting place for them! Subscribe, like and share!!



And a bonus video from Worldview Everlasting mentioned several times in the above video, WEtv Live: Becoming Lutheran, with special guest Pastor Matt Richard:

Pastor Fisk interviews Pastor Matt Richard on the research he’s done on the topic of “Becoming Lutheran”. Many of you may have even participated in the research, we’ve managed to get Pastor Richard to talk to us first about what he is discovering about people who make the shift from American Evangelicalism to confessional Lutheranism. If you yawned when I mentioned the word “research”, be prepared to be surprised. This is really cool stuff and you won’t want to miss a chance to hear this live and maybe even have Pastor Richard answer your questions you might have about becoming Lutheran.

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