Great Stuff Found on the Web — The United List is Released

Found on their facebook page:



Since 1992 the “United List” has served the congregations of the LCMS who seek to be faithful to the synod’s constitution and confessions. It has done this by recommending candidates who uphold the synod’s constitution and confessions, who are impeccably ethical, and who have proven themselves in every way for service to the Lutheran church.

It is our pleasure to present our list for the 2013 convention to you here.

Please help spread the Word. The United List gives permission to spread this document as long as nothing is altered.

Click here for the 2013 recommendations.

Be sure to “like” them on facebook for updates!


About Norm Fisher

Norm was raised in the UCC in Connecticut, and like many fell away from the church after high school. With this background he saw it primarily as a service organization. On the miracle of his first child he came back to the church. On moving to Texas a few years later he found a home in Lutheranism when he was invited to a confessional church a half-hour away by our new neighbors.

He is one of those people who found a like mind in computers while in Middle School and has been programming ever since. He's responsible for many websites, including the Book of Concord,, and several other sites.

He has served the church in various positions, including financial secretary, sunday school teacher, elder, PTF board member, and choir member.

Norm has been involved behind the scenes in many of the "go-to" websites for Lutherans going back many years.


Great Stuff Found on the Web — The United List is Released — 17 Comments

  1. I’m wondering why my husband didn’t also get an endorsement for the CTCR…

    Bethany Kilcrease

  2. I wonder who are the individuals who create the United List? Would love to see a list of names of the individuals who created this list.

  3. I wish I had this info while looking for a Pastor. Not everyone is on FB, would be nice to have it given to District DP when looking. Or maybe not!

  4. @A Northern Observer #3
    @GaiusKurios #2

    Dear BJS Bloggers,

    I was wondering about the same questions myself. I checked the website and found this:

    It doesn’t answer all your questions, but might answer some. If I remember right, they have a statement something like that every year that they publish the list. I’ll have to check my files–if I have a copy–and see if anything has changed in their statement.

    Oh, by the way, since I am up for a position (not on this list, but in the Biographical Synopses that delegates received), and there is a much better man for the same position, I am encouraging everyone to vote for him: Rev. Daniel Preus for Central Region Vice-President.

    Here’s why:

    1) He has got more time for the work: Rev. Preus is retired and empty nest; whereas I have three teenage girls at home, and am a sole pastor;
    2) He has more experience in this type of work: he was LCMS 1st VP for three years, has been 3rd VP the last three I think; whereas I have never even been a Circuit Counselor;
    3) He lives in Saint Louis where most of the meetings take place; whereas I am way upstream on the Ohio River in a place I didn’t even know about until I got the call here in 2009.

    I think “Dan Preus for Central VP” is an easy choice! I don’t know if campaigning for the “other guy” on your ballot is allowed at BJS. 🙂

    Promoting yourself for a call is obviously in poor taste, is condemned by Gerhard in his dogmatics (somewhere in the section having to do with what to avoid in the call, in the On the Ministry volumes), and is probably contrary to Scripture. So I don’t recommend the practice to anyone.

    Thanks to Norm Fisher, as always, for finding Great Stuff that I need, when I need it, on the web!

    Yours in Christ, Martin R. Noland

  5. From The United List website:

    About The United List

    On behalf of The United List, we are pleased to provide the information on this website containing the entire slate of United List endorsed candidates, as well as pertinent biographical information about some of them. We hope that this will be helpful to you, especially as the 2013 Synodical Convention grows closer.

    Our intent is not to belittle the qualifications of any candidate not endorsed, nor to cast aspersions on the hard work of the Committee for Convention Nominations. That Committee has done an excellent job this year and we are pleased to agree with most of their choices. We offer this list in order to help congregations and delegates make informed choices that will be for the greatest benefit of our beloved synod.

    Since 1992 the committee that produces The United List has been composed of representatives from various independent organizations of Missouri Synod Lutherans. All committee members are LC-MS, love their synod, and so have a deep concern about keeping the LC-MS rooted in its Biblical and Confessional theology, practice, and mission. Because of the addition of regional elections by the synod this year, the United List has adjusted its committee membership to include at least one representative from each synodical region. The committee makeup by regions this year is: West-Southwest Region – 2; Great Plains Region – 3; Great Lakes Region – 1; Central Region – 2; East-Southeast Region – 1.

    Organizations who have contributed a member or two to the United List committee this year include Balance-Concord (formerly the publisher of “Affirm”), Northern Illinois Confessional Lutherans, Minnesota Confessional Lutherans, and Texas Confessional Lutherans. Some of the current members of the United List were at its first meeting, when a few members of Balance, Inc. cooperated with the Lutheran Concerns Association, and a few smaller groups, to present a common slate of preferred candidates for synodical offices. The title “The United List” today denotes a spirit of cooperation between hundreds of people from around the Synod, working together for the common good of the church and its faithful proclamation of the Gospel.

    Every congregation has the responsibility to pray and use its God given wisdom to decide whom to nominate and elect for each triennial election. Delegates have the same responsibility with respect to their roles in elections. We offer the information on this website to help you make those crucial decisions. If you are concerned about having faithful Lutheran leaders in the church, we hope you will take these suggestions into consideration, from a group that has a proven track record in suggesting good quality leaders for the Synod.

  6. As another candidate on the ballot for Central Region VP, I concur with Dr. Noland. I fully support the Reverend Daniel Preus for re-election. Our Synod has been and will continue to be well-served by this man.

  7. I”m not sure why you all need a United List, seems to me you have aligned pretty much every office in the LCMS.

  8. @Tim Klinkenberg #8
    I”m not sure why you all need a United List, seems to me you have aligned pretty much every office in the LCMS.

    Apologies if necessary, but I hope you are not a delegate.

  9. I am not. The congregation I serve is in the somewhat unique position of paying for the convention and not have a direct representative.

  10. Tim Klinkenberg: The congregation I serve is in the somewhat unique position of paying for the convention and not have a direct representative.

    First of all, you’re not in a “unique” position, since 80% of our congregations do not have a “direct” representative going to the convention. But you do have a representative. Two of them, in fact. They’re called your circuit delegates, elected by your circuit.

  11. Can’t wait to vote this year for David Maier. I am also encouraging every other delegate I know to get Preus and his buddies out of Mequon.

  12. @Reaper #13

    Sorry. I will cancel you out, because I am voting for Harrison. Have been ever since I was my congergation’s district delegate. And I can’t wait to vote for Harrison. Jus tmissed out on being my circuit’s delegate. Otherwise I would be pretty much voting for this United List. So I guess I can’t personally screw up your plans on that one.

  13. Great point Jason.

    To further that, our circuit is sending both a Harrison layman and a Harrison pastoral delegate. This is the first time my circuit has done that. Usually it is both “Jesus Firsters.”

    I have noticed a lethargy among that crowd and a strong interest among the Harrison types around the synod.

    It’s also odd that the Reaper (aptly named) wants Preus and his buddies out of Mequon. Most people would say that Mequon is the most successful of all the Concordias. I have seen no change in that momentum with Preus and his buddies on the board. Klemet Preus has the greatest combination of theological and secular wisdom in one heart and mind that I have ever witnessed.

  14. You know, Maritn Noland does not want to disparage the Maier family and all the work they have done for the synod. Yet have you ever noticed how people howl about the evils of the Prues family and how they are destroying the synod? Go figure…

  15. Dear Jason,

    At comment #5 above, I told people to vote for Daniel Preus, son of Robert, instead of me. That is the ultimate endorsement, and there is good reason that I do it.

    As they well know, I am one of the biggest supporters of the Preus family, because they have been one of the biggest contributors to synodical orthodoxy and doctrinal unity in LCMS history. JAO and Robert Preus, and all their children, deserve our utmost thanks for keeping us on the straight and narrow.

    By the way, I was almost driven out of the LCMS by Waldo Werning because of my support for Robert Preus. Werning filed charges and intended to pursue them; but that came to nothing. Werning did drive one of my conservative classmates out of the LCMS; and that man is now Eastern Orthodox. I don’t blame him for leaving the LCMS due to the treatment he got at Werning’s hands.

    But you are right, there are definitely Preus naysayers out there—political slanderers all of them!

    My policy, Jason, is to speak well of people whenever that is possible, and to talk about their good points and their contributions to church, society, and family. This is especially important when you have to criticize something they say or do. It shows that you affirm them as a person, and in this case, as a fellow Lutheran and brother in Christ.

    I consider DP Maier a fellow Lutheran, a brother pastor, and a brother in Christ. Whether he is the best candidate for the LCMS president’s job is another matter, because not everyone is suited for that difficult and perilous office.

    Yours in Christ, Martin R. Noland

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