District Presidents Who Tilt at Windmills

Straw manIs this quote…

…As traditional Christians are driven from the [public] square, the door is also closed for the Gospel.

…synonymous with this quote?:

…The church, besieged by spiritual and temporal forces, must withdraw from the field, raise the drawbridge and fortify our church walls in order to protect what we hold dear.

The first quote was originally made by Synod President Matt Harrison in the April 2013 issue of The Lutheran Witness, and now quoted out of context by California-Nevada-Hawaii District President Robert Newton in a campaign letter sent to the convention delegates in his District. The second quote is a portion of President Newton’s summary of President Harrison’s position and theology. He was campaigning for “his guy,” District President David Maier, and his talking points sound eerily similar to the talking points used by another District President.  President Harrison’s comment reflects his determination to continue to do battle on the field: “The task before us is monumental.  …We are called to confess Christ to all.  …Let’s go!”  These are fighting words.  They aren’t the words of someone who is raising the drawbridge.

I don’t know President Maier, but judging from President Harrison’s description of him, he sounds like a great guy:

I know Herb Mueller and David Maier well. Herb is truly “an Israelite in whom there is no guile.” David loves the Scriptures and applying them to real people in real life. They, at the will of the congregations of Synod, are standing for election because they believe deeply in the Gospel, and they live to serve for the sake of Jesus and His message of salvation. They want the very best for the Synod. They are fine men who would bring many gifts to the office. They and their dear wives and families deserve our thanks.

I wonder what President Maier thinks of District Presidents who knock down self-stuffed straw men so that “their guy” will be elected?

You can read President Newton’s letter here.


photo credit:  peter pearson on flikr

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