The Bible Tells Me So.

bible-parableSince becoming a dad, one of my favorite things to do is listen to my daughter sing. She often messes up the lyrics but it’s still very cute. To be honest she may have inherited that trait from me, as I butcher 1980’s rock songs on a regular basis. Like most children who have ever attended Sunday school she knows the song, Jesus Loves Me. It’s a catchy little song that is easy for children to remember. I love when she sings it because of the line: The Bible Tells Me So.  Such a simple children’s song says so much. The Bible tells me so. How is it as adults we forget that line? The Bible tells me so.

 Jesus Loves Me This I Know, For the WORLD Tells Me So.

God loves you for who you are. You are blessed, special, and a good person. The world lives for generic cliché’s. Always stopping short at confessing Jesus Christ, the world will substitute God for Jesus in every statement, as to not ruffle any feathers. The world wants everyone to get along, to be comfortable and to excuse each other’s Sin unless it’s REALLY bad. The world says God just wants you to be a good person and believe in him. Confessions like that mean nothing at all. The world is not into absolutes and frowns upon anything confessing only Jesus Christ for salvation.

Jesus Loves Me This I Know, For The Devil Tells Me So.

Now it’s hard to believe that the Devil would ever tell you that Jesus loves you. The Devil has years of practice to trick you and it can come in unusual forms. Maybe the Devil gets in your ear about that favorite sin of yours. You know, God forgave that sin last time…he will do it again, there is no need to repent. He loves you regardless of what you do so skip church this morning and don’t worry about your sins. If it feels good, keep doing it, because God just wants you to be happy. Don’t worry about false doctrine or pastors who don’t preach the word of God properly, as long as what they are saying speaks to you.

Jesus Loves Me This I Know, For My Sin Tells Me So.

Listening to that praise band this morning really made me feel God’s presence. That rainbow was so beautiful there must be a God. I have a great life and a beautiful family, God must love me. I have my health, a successful career, and have been blessed with so many things in this world. All this shows me how much God loves me. He wouldn’t let anything really bad happen to me or my family. Sure I sin sometimes, but my sin isn’t as bad as the other guy. I go to church so God knows I’m a good person, I love him and he loves me.

Jesus Loves Me This I Know, For THE BIBLE Tells Me So.

The Bible Tells Me So. We’ll search everywhere for a sign of God’s love and favor. We already have everything we need in the Word of God. In the Bible we learn of God’s undeniable love for us by the sending of his son. Jesus Christ brings us to the Father as righteous and pure solely because of his doing. His life, death, and resurrection are clearly written in scripture for us all. Our baptism washes us clean with the blood of Christ and through the Holy Spirit the Word of God brings us to faith in Jesus Christ. As we live our broken and sinful lives here on earth we long for answers, in The Bible we have them. Through Jesus Christ we have forgiveness and salvation. The Bible Tells Me So.


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  1. “I butcher 1980’s rock songs on a regular basis.”

    In 1954 a Cleveland disc jockey by the name of Alan Freed was searching for a term to describe the response of teenagers who had gone wild over a new musical fad. Concerts by Chuck Berry and Gene Vincent were accompanied by riots of violence and sexual hysteria. Millions of female eyes were glued to the groin of Elvis. A sexual as well as a musical revolution was taking place.

    Finally, Freed found his phrase. From the ghetto community he borrowed a descriptive expression referring to fornication: rock and roll. The name stuck, and the music lived on. But the lyrics of rock and roll were to explore fringes of lyrical pornography that even Freed never dreamed of.

    Bob Larson
    Larson’s Book of Rock

  2. Not to nitpick, but I was always told that Lutherans shouldn’t sing that song, because it gets it backward. Jesus Loves me, and so I know that I can trust His Word. The Bible doesn’t verify Christ, Christ verifies the Bible.

    Perhaps I’ve got that wrong.

  3. The Bible is the Word, one of the ways we learn about Christ.

    I’m ambivalent about the song, it does mention sin but not repentance.
    And because of use by adults who should be able to navigate a hymnal.

  4. Bob Larson is far from a credible source. Currently he is parading three “teenage exorcists” for a reality series he claims are based on them — and promote his gradiose sounding ” Bob Larson’s International School of Exorcism” with three worthess degrees. IMO he’s just plain crap.

  5. The main focus of my article was to point out the need to stay steadfast in the word. To turn to the word of god during times of doubt, suffering, and the attacks we deal with daily. reading into the song itself was not my intent.

  6. @ #9 “IMO he’s just plain crap.”

    Watch your words.

    Matthew C. Harrison
    President Harrison on the Newtown, Conn., Statement of Unity and Pastoral Letters

  7. The ELS has hymn 179 in the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary:
    1. Jesus loves me!
    This I know,
    For the Bible tells me so.
    Little ones to Him belong;
    They are weak but He is strong.

    Yes, Jesus Loves me! …
    The Bible tells me so.

    2. Jesus loves me!
    See His grace!
    On the cross He took my place.
    There He suffered and he died,
    That I might be glorified.

    3. Jesus loves me!
    God’s own Son
    Over sin the vict’ry won.
    When I die, saved by His grace,
    I shall see Him face to face.

    4. Jesus loves me!
    He is near.
    He is with His Church so dear.
    And the Spirit He has sent
    By His Word and Sacrament.

    st. 1 by A. Warner, sts. 2-4 ELH 1996

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