Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — The First Pentecost

The First Pentecost

What did God do at the first Pentecost and what was it really all about? How does what started then continue in the Church today? Dr. Arthur Just answers those questions and others pertaining to the day of Pentecost.



Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — The First Pentecost — 3 Comments

  1. Why do you call Acts 2 “The First Pentecost?” Pentecost had been observed for centuries. There is a depth and richness in realizing that God used a centuries old Israelite festival and blessed and enriched it for his church. Pentecost celebrated the wheat harvest–God brings about a new harvest of souls in Acts 2. Pentecost had also come to commemorate the Sinai events when God gathered his people around Himself. Isn’t that also what he’s doing in Acts 2? We can speak of the “first Christmas” and the “first Easter”, but not the “first” Pentecost.

  2. @Bruce E. Wurdeman #1

    You’ll agree that it was the first time Pentecost was celebrated by preaching Christ crucified for the sins of the world, I hope?
    To be sure, we might remember that it was a gathering of the first of the harvest, in both the vegetable and human senses.

  3. As the show details, this is the First Pentecost because it is fulfillment of the what the Old Testament Pentecost feast was pointing to. “… it is the birth of the Church, the coming of the Holy Spirit, the way in which Jesus is now going to be present with His people, and the beginning of the mission of the Church.”

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