Convention 2013: Today’s Business now online (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

 St. Louis, July 20-25, 2013

The first issue of Today’s Business is now online. This is about a week earlier than I, for one, was expecting. The print edition will follow, being sent to convention attendees sometime within the next couple of weeks.

Today’s Business contains Part 2 of the President’s Report, i.e., President Harrison’s specific recommendations to the convention floor committees when they assembled on May 17. The main part of Today’s Business consists of the Proposed Resolutions that those floor committees then prepared, based on the overtures and reports that had been submitted for the Convention Workbook. Delegates to the July 20-25 LCMS Convention will be considering many of these proposed resolutions. This is the first issue of Today’s Business. Subsequent issues will follow during the convention itself.

Even if you are not a delegate to the convention, you can read the proposed resolutions and give your input on them to your circuit delegates and to the convention floor committees. As is explained on page 2 of Today’s Business: “delegates and representatives should participate in meetings of the circuits or groups that they will be representing to receive reactions and suggestions regarding the business contained in this book. Suggestions or concerns that come to mind after studying and discussing the proposed resolutions may be submitted in writing to the chairmen of the appropriate floor committees (names and addresses are included in this issue of Today’s Business) at least one week prior to the convention.”

In other news, an e-mail on Voting Instructions: 2013 LCMS Presidential Election was sent Friday to the electors who will be voting in the upcoming June 22-25 election. If you are the pastoral or lay elector from your congregation, you should check it out.

For all things convention-related, go the National LCMS Convention page at the synod’s website, and take it from there.

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