Great Stuff — DEBATE: Is There a Media Blackout on the Philadelphia Abortion Doctor’s Murder Trial?

Found on Fox News Insider, a story featuring BJS’ Mollie Hemingway:


The murder trial of Philadelphia late-term abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell opened last month, but some are questioning why the story has gotten very little coverage in the mainstream media.

Megyn Kelly said the crimes allegedly committed by Gosnell are “so shocking and horrifying it ought to be front page news and the subject of network news reports every night.”

She discussed it on America Live with Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers and Mollie Hemingway of, though they steered clear of discussing the gruesome accusations against Gosnell.

Powers said there have to be questions asked about why this story is not more prominent, pointing out for example, how heavily CNN and other networks covered the Carnival “poop cruise.”

Megyn pointed out that the media isn’t supposed to decide what the news is.

“I didn’t want to discuss twenty dead six-year-olds in Newtown, Connecticut either. But that was the news and we had no choice but to cover it,” said Kelly, adding that even health care reporters for major news organizations aren’t covering the story.

Hemingway went on to detail the response she received from Washington Post health reporter Sarah Kliff, who has written extensively on abortion-related stories, after she asked why she “has not written a single story on Gosnell.”


See the Discussions on Fox News Insider.

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Great Stuff — DEBATE: Is There a Media Blackout on the Philadelphia Abortion Doctor’s Murder Trial? — 5 Comments

  1. “All the news that’s fit to print.”
    This isn’t “fit”, if you are a pro abortion journalist/editor/newspaper, which almost all of them are.

    This trial seeks to prove that 40 years after Roe vs Wade, abortions are not safe, not legal (in this case) & not rare. It alleges that women are suffering irreversible damage or death at the hands of unqualified “back alley” abortionists who had such a booming business that they didn’t have time to wipe up the blood between “customers”.

    It’s all the things that “legal” abortions were supposed to eliminate.

    More than that, it’s infanticide because Gosnell specialized in late “abortions” (later than is legal), induced labor, and killed living children by cutting their spinal cords with a scissors.
    Mollie and Getreligion have more gruesome details than I want to repeat.

    And finally, this has been going on for at least 17 years and no responsible state agency has lifted a hand to stop it!

    Chilling thought: we can’t trust our major newspapers to report the news and we can’t trust our government agencies look out for citizens’ safety, which is their stated job!

    [That’s before you even get to the children!]

    “It’s not a local story.” said one reporter… [Besided Newtown and gun control, what is a “local story” in NYC?]
    Well, way out in Kansas, the successor to Tiller is nervous because she’s been picketed and somebody even asked what church she goes to….
    That’s “local” alright.

  2. Well now the fifth-column media co-conspirators have an excuse to continue to completely ignore the Gosnell trial, while they concentrate on blaming the terrorist bombings in Boston on tax protesters, right wing extremists, the GOP, Senate Republicans, the Amish, pro-life groups, the NRA, the 2nd Amendment, Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge, fundamentalist Christians,… anybody but those who actually did it.

  3. @Carl Vehse #2

    You forgot the Tea Party. I try not to watch the lamestream media for this very reason. Based on the interview with one of the trauma surgeons a few minutes ago, the horrific injuries suffered by the victims of the bomb blast can’t compare to what this so-called doctor did to those babies. Hitler had nothing on him.

    The Gosnell case gives a whole new meaning to the term “back alley abortions.”

    As far as I can tell, the Toledo Blade had one story on Gosnell, and that was back in mid-March.

    Kirsten Powers, hardly a conservative, wrote a devastating piece on Gosnell. As National Review’s Shannen Coffin says, it’s a “must read.” Here’s the link to Powers’ piece:

    And some more “must reads”:

  4. I am so grateful for Mollie’s steadfast clarity and courage. I do not have the words but thankfully Mollie does. My knees go wobbly and my head throbs with anger, but I can at least copy and forward all info from and It is making a difference too.

    By the way, for those who may not know, Mollie is also an editor/writer at

    She has a new piece up today, about Obama’s decision to back out of “keynoting” the PP “gala,” and a noxious comment by a WPost reporter.

    Read and scan comments here:

    WashPost Speaks Truth To Power!

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