BJS news — our recent down time

pleasestandbyWe thank you for your patience for the last few days while the site was down. Every couple of years we grow out of our hosting capacity and we need to increase our hosting plan. It is a good problem to have. We all volunteer to keep this site running. Unfortunately the new hosting package took a while to get set up, then it took a bit to get the site moved over.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will continue to do our best to be the go to place for Lutheran news and commentary.

Earlier in the week when we went down the first time, all the other sites hosted by Norm Fisher on the site that hosts BJS were down as well. These include the Book of Concord, the LCMS Sermons website (including Book of Concord weekly readings for insertion into church bulletis, Luther Sayings, Daily Bible Readings (1 year and 2 year reading plans), and 5 Minutes with Luther daily emails), the Year at a Glance that provides the weekly readings for the three year lectionary for any year, the Evangelical Lutheran Liturgical Congregations website letting visitors find liturgical congregations across the country, and the Wittenberg Trail.

As you can see, we have been able to restore the site to functionality. Hopefully this new upgrade will support BJS for many years of continuing growth.

Tim Rossow, Editor
Joshua Scheer, Associate Editor
Norm Fisher, Technical Support
and the rest of the BJS team

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