Videos from the 2013 BJS Conference… to be updated.


The conference is over, but the instruction continues.  Courtesy of Peter Slayton’s expertise, we have videos from the conference presentations, stand up comedy routine, and sermons of the conference.

The first is the presentation of Pr. Jonathan Fisk on Friday night at the 5th Annual BJS Conference.



The second video is of the excellent stand-up comedy antics of Pr. Bryan Wolfmueller


We gathered in the sanctuary of Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville to pray Evening Prayer together. Pr. Hans Fiene preached a fine sermon in which the Law was preached sternly and the Gospel sweetly. This sermon is a must watch for our regular readers.


Pr. Wolfmueller gave the second presentation at the 2013 BJS Conference.  His presentation was on the topic of coming out of Evangelicalism.  He spoke within the framework of Psalm 119, trying to emphasizing the value and importance of God’s Word in our lives.  He spoke of Evangelicalism’s pendulum between despair and prideful deception – a pendulum that often throws folks off.   Throughout it all, you get a presentation that is more proclamation than presentation.  Take a look:


More videos will be available on our Steadfast Lutherans Youtube page:



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