University Lutheran Chapel’s new home named. By Douglas M. Denzler


The Luther House

The members of University Lutheran Chapel held their regular voters meeting today (Sunday).  One of the items on the agenda was to finally give the “Faculty House” a more fitting name.  After narrowing down the selections to 3 names, it was decided to call it the Luther House.  The name was chosen to identify the house as being a Lutheran place where students and members can come and hold Table Talk, Bible Studies and congregational fellowship activities.

Formal dedication and open house is tentatively scheduled for April 5th at 7:30pm.  For more information about the Luther House and updates on other activities please visit and








University Lutheran Chapel’s new home named. By Douglas M. Denzler — 6 Comments

  1. There has been a slight decline in student attendance. This was something we anticipated in having to hold services at Luther Seminary. Even with rides to and from services, Luther Seminary is still not the easiest place to get to for students.

    This reinforces why it is so important for ULC to rebuild a worship space at the U of MN Twin Cities campus. Luther House is our first step in that journey. Luther House is in walking and biking distance for on campus student housing, as well as on U of MN and Metro Transit bus routes. A worship space in close proximity to Luther House is our goal.

    Keep up to date with activities and supporting ULC via the websites listed in the article.

    Oliver Young
    Elder, ULC Minneapolis

  2. Gentlemen,

    Maybe, if there is some Ablaze money still coming in, they could share a little with you as a one time gift to help finish off the construction of a sanctuary. Afterall, what better of a mission is there than the confines of one of the largest universities in America and so many international students?

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