To Encourage Further Support for Campus Ministry

Here are a couple of additional resolved’s that could be added to the below overture, and/or worded a bit better.

RESOLVED, that the LCMS encourage the title holders of existing campus ministry Chapels to regard these properties as sacred trusts on behalf of the Church at large, and to retain them for posterity, to the glory of God.

RESOLVED, that the LCMS encourage its districts to support existing campus ministries.



To Encourage Further Support for Campus Ministry

Whereas, all university students are faced with unique challenges to their faith by the
dominant secular, anti-Christian, culture so prevalent on our nation’s public university
campuses; and

Whereas, those challenges also present countless opportunities for the church to both
confess the faith and care for those who are unbelievers, including hundreds of thousands
of international students and their families; and

Whereas, handing over the faith to those that follow is the task of every generation; and

Whereas, the Synod closed its campus ministry office in 2002, leaving many in campus
ministry to continue this task without direct synodical support, and

Whereas, the Office of National Mission has sought to restore campus ministry within the
synodical structure through its support of the UNWRAPPED National LCMS Campus
Ministry Conference held at Saint Louis University in January 2013 and it’s launching of
the Synod’s bold and comprehensive new initiative for campus ministry, LCMS U; be it

RESOLVED, that the Synod commend all those engaged in campus ministry throughout the church and continue to encourage them in their ongoing mission and ministry efforts on our nations campuses; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the Synod recognize those organizations that have faithfully supported campus ministry over the last decade, including Higher Things (Christ on Campus), International Student Ministry, Lutheran Campus Mission Association, and Lutheran Student Fellowship; and be it finally

RESOLVED, that the Synod give thanks to God for the efforts of the Office of National Mission through LCMS U and continue to support and encourage the further development of campus ministry wherever possible for the sake of the Gospel and the young people of the church.

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