Seeing The World Through Sin Colored Glasses

sunglassesI woke up this morning and put them on, my Sin Colored Glasses. They have been a regular part of my wardrobe for a few years now. I started wearing them sporadically but now I can’t get them off. I wished at times I could borrow them out to family and friends.  But the problem is Sin Colored Glasses are hard to find. It took a long time for me to find them. I only found them when I found a church that properly preached the law. And I was only able to continue wearing them after I was properly preached the gospel.

Finding my Sin colored glasses.

I was searching for some new glasses, something to make me see. I went through years of wearing glasses that made me see worldly things great. I saw myself…I looked awesome, perfect in those glasses. But every pair of glasses I bought seemed to get sat on or lost. Until one day I went to a wedding with my future wife.  The pastor was wearing the COOLEST glasses I had ever seen, as were all the people in the congregation. Who would have thought that I could find glasses in a church? At first I did not like the glasses…they hurt my eyes, my head, and for some reason my conscience. But after a while they turned out to be the last pair of glasses I would need for the rest of my life.

The Devil, The World, and My Flesh hate my Sin Colored Glasses.

The devil doesn’t like my glasses at all. He says I don’t need them. He says I can see my sin perfectly fine without them. He’ll even tell you that they’re bad.  He’ll say, look at all your sin.  You can’t possibly overcome all that sin. Then there is the world who says you’re wrong for wearing those Sin Colored Glasses. There are plenty of other things in this world to help you decide what’s good and bad. But the devil and the world don’t hate my Sin Colored Glasses as much as I do. I don’t want to put them on in the morning. They make me look old and dorky. They aren’t the latest style or tread.  It’s a daily battle with my sinful flesh to put those glasses on and keep them on.

 Where can you find Sin Colored Glasses?

I found my Sin Colored Glasses at my local confessional  Lutheran  church. There by hearing  the proper preaching of the Law I was shown my sin. You can’t find Sin Colored Glasses in church that does not preach the Law in its fullest. I once heard Pastor Bill Cwirla on Issues Etc say something that really stuck with me. “The more we are shown our sin, the greater a savior Jesus appears.” Until you understand your corrupt nature and your sin, you won’t be able to wear Sin Colored Glasses.  The burden and weight of your sin will be too much to handle.  The only way for us to handle wearing Sin Colored Glasses is to take them to Jesus .

Jesus wants you to wear Sin Colored Glasses.

So does Jesus want you to wear sin colored glasses too? Of course he does, he wants you to see your sin, repent, and hear about his life, death, and resurrection for you. Without Jesus,   Sin Colored Glasses lead to despair and attempts of self-justification. Without Jesus, living a life with Sin Colored Glasses is doomed to fail. The world and our flesh are corrupt from the fall of Adam and Eve. Even with Sin Colored Glasses, sin is a condition we can’t break free from without Jesus Christ. Sin colored glasses can only show us the truth about the world and ourselves. We are all poor miserable sinners who are in need of a savior and our glasses are in need of a new prescription. That prescription is the gospel of Jesus Christ for us all.

So keep your Sin Colored Glasses on but be sure to keep the prescription up to date.

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