Can you feel the love tonight?

loveBJS just received an interesting comment over here.  As the saying goes, “they will know we are Christians by our love”.

I have found in my interactions with folks of various political and theological persuasions that the most intolerant folks you can find are the ones who claim “tolerance” as their chief operating principle.  The following comment is a good example of such intolerance.  I will warn the readers that the language of the comment is crude and crass, and there are also numerous errors in it.   Please note that this is a comment from a supporter of syncretism, demonstrated by stating openly exactly why we warn and guard against syncretism of any type – the commenter confesses universalism, stating that no matter what, all groups go to heaven.

Please pray for the leadership of the LCMS as they are receiving numerous communications like this.

I will leave the rest for you to read and discern for yourselves:


Pastor Charles,

Are you full of crap or something? My God! Backing up the LC-MS President with his narrow minded, blind, stupidity with such assinine, jackass rules! This publicity gives ALL Lutherans (no matter what branch)  bad publicity and makes those in the LC-MS look like jackasses.

The pastor in Newtown should not have to apologize for some stupid rule in a church. You don’t see Jews doing it.

If I were the pastor in Newtown I would have told the LC-MS Pres. to go straight to hell! In fact, I wrote him tonight and told him he was a jackass.

I am one of Martin Luther’s relatives (yes, you read right!) a lifelong Lutheran, a Lutheran scholar, and my relative would be appalled at what is going on in a fundamentalist, conservative, backasswards church branch bearing his name, which would just piss him off! He would be saying the same things with great aplomb. What part of Lutheranism don’t you get?

I got good news for all you LC-MS and WELS folks: you are not the only Lutherans getting into heaven! We are all going there, so you better be ready to stand next to worship God with gays, lesbians, cub scouts, Catholics, Muslims, Islamics, Jews, Greeks, Lepers, women at the well, and any other “undesireables” you see not fit to take Holy Communion at your churches.

You hypocrites!

We’d love to have the pastor in Newtown come work in the ELCA where there is open hearts, open minds, open communion and worship with others in the name of God, Jesus, including Jews, Greeks, Muslims, Islamics, and others.

Remember what Jesus told us to do…”love each other as I have loved you.” So, I will pray for you and your misguided ways, and love you to learn and open your hearts in the name of Jesus who loves us all equally.



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