A New Theological Journal for Lutherans. UPDATED WITH DISCOUNT CODE

AroundTheWordPr. Wolfmueller announced at our conference a great discount for fans of BJS for our journal.  Enter the code BJS15 to receive 15% off your order.

Last week a new journal was released titled “Around the Word”.  Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller of Hope Lutheran in Aurora, CO, co-host of Table Talk Radio, and a speaker at this weekend’s BJS Conference has been the man behind this journal (his title is “General Editor of Theological Awesomeness”).  He has recruited many writers to contribute articles, devotions, bible studies, and a variety of unique ideas for his journal, including “Napkin Notes”, Theological Trends, Art History and many other things.  His devotions are also set up to be used in the home and the congregation.  Over on Pr. Wolfmueller’s facebook page he has some introductory videos on the journal.

Each issue will have a general theme.  This first issue is centering on “Suffering and the Christian Life”.   It is 108 pages of solid theological content and sells for only $5 for a digital copy.

Here is the introduction to the journal from Pr. Wolfmueller:

Welcome to Around the Word, a quarterly journal of Biblical Theology for the Lutheran family, whether you’re a family of one or twenty. Our work is to publish a quarterly theological and devotional journal that extols the Lord’s gifts of Law and Gospel for the laity of the Lutheran Church.
Around the Word paints a Biblical and joyful picture of Lutheran teaching and life. We want the world to know that Lutherans have their Bibles open, and that we believe with simplicity what the Lord speaks there; that we are thoughtful and generous, historical and current; that we pray and sing and work hard; and that theological integrity is the best way that we can serve the church at large.
Lutheran teaching lets the Law and the Gospel echo in the full voice with which God speaks it, and we are on the lookout for error because we love to hear the truth, the life-giving voice of Jesus. Lutherans care about their families and their neighbors and the world, both in this life and in the life to come. So we are working, in the pages of this journal, to recover the joy and delight of doctrine, of the Gospel.
We hope that you find in the articles, Bible Studies, and devotions that follow a large dose of Biblical comfort; that God’s promises leap off of every page into your heart; and that there is joy in hearing the Good Shepherd’s voice. We also hope to surprise you, to say something you haven’t heard, something helpful for your prayers.
Many parts of this journal were designed for busy families who want to learn more theology, but don’t have time to devote to text books and longer, more scholarly pursuits. The articles and Bible studies are “bite-sized,” but they are packed with punch, chock full of the Lord’s Word.
We would love your feedback. What is helpful, and what isn’t, and what you would like to see on these pages. This journal, after all, is for you, the Lord’s dear Christian, and is offered in confident hope that the Lord’s Word will continue to do its marvelous work of bringing us life and joy and salvation.

To see the Table of Contents for the first issue, go here.

To purchase the journal either online or in print, go here.

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