What is an elder? How to deal with delinquents, spiritual attacks and MORE — Lutheran men consider this event!

There is a great opportunity to learn from one of our Synod’s best pastors.  Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church (St. Paul, MN), St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church (Bertha, MN), and St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church (Lakefield, MN) are sponsoring an “Elder’s Retreat” (Jan 25-26, 2013) at Concordia – St. Paul once again with a great speaker (past speakers include Rev. Dr. Harold Senkbeil and now President Harrison).  This year Pr. Peter Bender of Peace Lutheran in Sussex Wisconsin will be teaching about elders and the ministry.  As a vicar I attended one of these (the one taught by Dr. Senkbeil) and can say that it has been very valuable to me as a pastor.  I also had elders attend the retreat a few years ago with Pres. Harrison, and they also benefited greatly from it.  This year with Pr. Bender teaching, it promises to be just as good as years past, and if I was closer to St. Paul I would be trying to attend.

Bethlehem Lutheran is a confessional Lutheran church in St. Paul, MN who has a faithful outreach to Hmong immigrants and is also host to JOY Academy, a classical education based Lutheran school in downtown St. Paul.  It’s pastor is Rev. Nathan Raddatz is a classmate of mine and also a regular commenter here at BJS.  St. Paul Lutheran in Bertha is a confessional congregation in the MN North District and is served by Rev. Blake Rickbeil, a leader in the Minnesota North Confessional Lutherans, an outstanding group of clergy and laity who gather to study the Word and Confessions.  St. Paul Lutheran in Lakefield is another confessional congregation who is served by Rev. Stephen Weiss, a faithful pastor I met in sessions of Doxology.  With sponsors like this, the Elder’s retreat is a wonderful opportunity for those who are able to attend.

From the promotional material for the retreat:

The topics to be covered during the Retreat:

“Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly…” Elders in support of the Holy Ministry!
1) Men of the Word: the Elder’s Calling
2) Withering Members: Ministering to Delinquents
3) Spiritual Warfare and Attacks Upon the Ministry
4) Brotherly Conversation, the Confessional Seal, and the Eighth Commandment
5) Contemporary Challenges: Homosexuality, Same-sex unions, and more
6) Engaged in Our Communities for the Sake of Christ

For more information go to the retreat website.  You can register there and also find hotel accommodations there as well as get the phone number to ask any further questions.

If you are in the region, you will want to consider attending this retreat, for the good of your elders, congregations, pastors, and ultimately the Church as a whole.

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