Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — Ted Haggard

Ted Haggard

This was one of the early episodes I heard when I was introduced Issues, Etc. This interview with Ted Haggard was before his indiscretions were revealed. It is a fascinating look into the mind of American Evangelicalism. My favorite from Haggard is in response to Pr. Wilken’s admission that he continues to sin daily and continues to need the message of the Cross. He says, “Oh no doubt about it. You’re in daily and perennial need of it. However, you should be sinning less and less as you grow.”


Originally aired on September 13, 2005


Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — Ted Haggard — 2 Comments

  1. Nathan,
    Do you have cable? Warren is on OWN this Sunday. Yes, the promo’s have him stating, “don’t avoid temptation.”

    So what is required for me to abandon, if I am to believe what a Pastor, says?

    Christ, the Prayer He taught us, Remorse, True Repentance, Confession, Absolution, how much more?!

    A decade ago, every Denom was all over Warren, like a bad rash. True enough, but what fruit did that door he opened bear?!

    These men, were around before & in the time Christ’s sweet feet met the dust & so they have always been. I know many who’ve been baptized, taught, etc. I’m saved, by my own public proclimation, etc. If you wander, if you willing go & do, what Christ & Sola Scriptura say not to or have anything to do w/those who do, & we say nothing about that, what does that teach?

    We know that, so what are we willing to do about it, now?!
    Isn’t anyone brave or has the courage, He gives us all, to do, what we all are called to?!

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