Renewed Synodical Emphasis on Campus Ministry – LCMS U, a good thing for students.

LCMS-U_CMYKRev. Bart Day (Office of National Mission) and Rev. Marcus Zill (Coordinator of LCMS U and a faithful pastor in my circuit) have put together a new initiative called LCMS U.  This was announced at the UNWRAPPED Campus Ministry Conference last week.  Later this week, some of our authors here at BJS will give their thoughts about the conference as a few were in attendance and at least three of which were presenters at the conference (Pr. Wilken, Pr. Gale and Pr. Schuldheisz)

The new initiative has a website and a facebook page.

It is good to see a renewed effort to lead the way again in campus ministry as for years it fell off the radar of the national synod.  I am glad to see the new emphasis but also the pick of Pr. Zill to lead such an effort.  There are some very good men heading up different initiatives and efforts with the LCMS today.

After a year of not so good news on campus ministry, we have now seen some very good things start to happen – first ULC in Minneapolis was able to buy a property that is very close to their previous location (an awesome location and a great building for a campus center) and hopefully will be able to raise the extra funds to build a chapel there as well (more on that to come in the future).  Now we see campus ministry brought once again to the national radar with solid leadership.  When at a time other denominations are celebrating campus ministries that are far from faithful (click here for a story of a Episcopal transgendered priest becoming a campus chaplain).  It is good that Lutherans are seeking to be Lutherans on campuses that are filled with such deceptions and heresies.

Let us hope and pray that such efforts like LCMS U will continue to encourage and expand faithful Lutheran campus ministry across the country.  Let us pray for those dedicated campus ministries across the nation that work with students as they learn skills to help their neighbors

If you are in a congregation nearby to a university, college, community college, or even a technical college consider the folks who attend there and what opportunities you have to serve them.  From the looks of it, LCMS U will provide some resources to help you out.


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