Life Sunday: Matthew 2

The goods were delivered in this sermon for Life Sunday. The texts are the readings for the festival of Holy Innocents, which is on December 28th. Most Churches will celebrate Life Sunday on January 20th, but becuase that is the Sunday of the Transfiguration of our Lord, we had Life Sunday on the 13th.  May God bless you’re hearing of the Gospel.


The texts are for the Feast of Holy Innocents.

About Pastor Chris Hull

Chris Hull is the Senior Pastor of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tomball,Texas. He was married to Allison Desiree Monk on June 3rd, 2006. They have been blessed with four boys, Lochlann Richard Patrick, Eamonn Julius Luther, Tiernann Thomas Walther, and Jamesonn Frederick Flacius. Pastor Hull graduated from Concordia University in River Forest, Il in 2006. He received his Master of Divinity from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 2010. He is currently in the STM program at CTSFW.


Life Sunday: Matthew 2 — 3 Comments

  1. Wow this is heavy and this leaves one with the final thoughts of someone who is a sinner, and leaves them with the uneasy feeling of punishment and damnation.
    I am not sure what the goal of the sermon is, except to condemn those who do not believe a certain way, which makes it all the more difficult for me to understand the true meaning of the words spoken.
    I am a lost and condemned sinner who is a miserable sinner who needs forgiveness for my total ignorance of reality
    Roger Wilkening

  2. @Roger Wilkening #1
    I apologize if that is how you received this sermon. I would point you to the conclusion where I say, “The reason for this sermon is that you may know the depths of your depravity in order that you may receive the riches of Christ’s forgiveness.” I then go on to say that you are absolved of either your self-righteous zeal or your ignorance. You seem to be left in the law after hearing this sermon. The goal of the sermon is the goal of every sermon which is to kill the sinner in order that he or she may be given life in the absolution of Jesus Christ. Yes, the law was harsh in this sermon, but I move that the Gospel was not a self-help call to be more faithful, but rather was the proclamation of the absolute forgiveness in the blood of Christ Jesus. Life Sunday sermons are not easy to preach, but they must be proclaimed. Thank you. God bless.

  3. @Roger Wilkening #1
    I have to ask for your forgiveness Roger. I see a heavy heart in your words and I did not proclaim the voice of the Gospel. You and I both are ignorant of the depths of our depravity. Please forgive me for not giving you Christ when you needed Him. Instead, I defended myself and the words of my mouth. Though you are worthy of punishment and condemnation, you are not punished this day. Christ stood in your stead and placed Himself under the wrath of the Father for you. Though we are ignorant, lazy, and self-righteous, we are forgiven. Not of your own merit, but solely out of the depths of Christ’s gut-wrenching compassion and his bloody sacrifice on the cross are you absolved. May you and I both receive that comfort. St. Roger, you are baptized into Christ, death cannot end your gladness and satan can not harm you. God bless you and keep you in your baptismal grace now and always. Amen.

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