In death and love: a poem on baptism

300x148xpouring-baptism-300x148.jpg.pagespeed.ic.DVN-prSm8qIn death and love I caught her,
when her life was held by her hate;
I found her in the water,
and I drowned beneath her weight.
    The guilt that she had was heavy –
    was enough to flood all the earth –
    yes, it was enough to levy
    the wages of sinners from birth.

In death and love I caught her,
by her unbelief so bound,
that when her Maker sought her,
she didn’t want to be found.
    She couldn’t seek and find me;
    she could only choose to leave;
    To her, my wrath defined me –
    her wrath wouldn’t let her believe.

In death and love I caught her,
her lungs, full of water, gasped,
and in my arms I brought her
what no spirit but mine has grasped –
    I gave her the end of all sorrow,
    I gave her the end of all strife;
    I gave her a new tomorrow,
    I gave her the end of her life.

In death and love I caught her,
and plunged her beneath the waves
till the old Adam who had taught her
was silenced. He no longer raves.
    Now Adam and Eve are rejoicing,
    And Noah is sending the dove,
    And Miriam’s chorus is voicing
    The triumphs of me and my love.

In death and love I caught her,
and pulled her alive from the flood;
with death and life I bought her,
with precious and holy blood.
    I gave her a new beginning,
    I gave her the water and Word,
    I gave her the end of sinning,
    I gave her myself, her Lord.

About Pastor Mark Preus

Mark Preus is pastor of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church and Campus Center in Laramie, WY. He graduated from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne with an M.Div. in 2008 and then obtained an M.A. in Classics at the University of KS in 2010. He was ordained at Faith Lutheran Church, Wylie, TX in August of 2010. He has been married to Becky since 2005. God has graciously given them four daughters and five sons. Pr. Preus loves to read and write poetry, especially Lutheran hymns, and talk theology with anybody who has an ear to listen. He also likes coffee too much and tobacco too much, as well as microbrew beer. He can also prove with reasonable certainty that Paul Gerhardt wrote most of his hymns while smoking and drinking beer.

You can find more of Pr. Preus's writings at his blog.


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