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Have you ever considered all the ways God gives His special Gifts to us? How He bestows them on people who don’t deserve them? People such as me and you? Our heavenly Father does this in such an amazing way that we can only receive these gifts through faith in Jesus Christ.

The Small Catechism is the tool that is used to teach us our faith. How is it still relevant for us in our time and location? How does God reach out to us through 2000 years and 8,000 miles? “The arm of the Lord is not too short to save “Is 59:1. The gifts Jesus won for us on the cross of Calvary are distributed through simple, ordinary means. So simple that it seems unbelievable and many people scoff at it. How can God come to us through such humble means? This can only be believed through a simple, child-like faith. That has been freely given to us! Thanks be to God!

A class is being offered by the CLCC (Confessional Lutherans For Christ’s Commission) This class will be a great way to review how God gives those gifts to us. It will be held at St John’s Lutheran Church in Garfield MN on February 2, 2013. This conference will be taught by the Rev Dr Karl Weber of Ottertail, MN, and uses the basics of the Christian faith found in the Small Catechism, and presented in an engaging and fresh way that it will be of interest to new Christians as well as more mature Christians. Good dialog and discussion will be part of our time together.

The Gift’s of God do save sinners! Come, join us and invite others, for a delightful day filled with review and also to learn more deeply about how God works in our lives! The sessions to be presented are:

  1. Our Ailment – Predicament
  2. God is a God of Love
  3. Word has power
  4. Word Forgives Sins
  5. Word Applied to Water
  6. Word Applied to Bread and Wine
  7. Do this in Remembrance of Me
  8. Loving Structure

The date for the 4th annual winter conference is February 2, 2013. Registration is from 8:45- 9:30. We then begin our day with a short service of Matins led by Rev. Ben Schimm, and then we get into the lessons. Lunch and coffee will be provided. We offer student prices, too, so bring your youth and students! The price this year is $15, $10 for students. You can save $2 by registering early, but we will accept registrations at the door. (We’d appreciate pre-registration to make it easier to plan the meal) We will be ending our day around 2:00-2:30. This conference is open to everyone. Thanks be to God that He saves sinners like us!

Please visit the CLCC website at in order to download a flyer and the registration forms/bulletin inserts.

Or for more information contact:

Rev. Ben Schimm 320-834-2248 or email [email protected]

Or Kari Anderson 320-763-5897 or email [email protected]

Kari Anderson-PR for the CLCC

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