2013 – a Year to hear three great Lutherans speak at the BJS Conference…

John the Steadfast
John the Steadfast

This year take the opportunity to come to the 5th Annual Brothers of John the Steadfast National Conference on February 15-16th.  This year the theme is simple, “Lutherans in Africa, Out of Evangelicalism, and in the LCMS” and it describes our three speakers, Rev. James May of Lutherans in Africa, Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller of Hope Lutheran in Aurora, CO (my southern neighbor) and of Table-Talk Radio, and also Rev. Jonathan Fisk of Bethany Lutheran in Naperville, IL and Worldview Everlasting AND author of the recent book “Broken”.

Here is a link to the schedule for the Conference.

On top of the speakers, there will be some of the new authors for BJS in attendance as well.  Friday night will have the infamous “No Pietists Allowed” parties at various locations.  You never know who you are going to find at those – last year I ran into a Lutheran pastor that was huge into satire!  Saturday morning will find another showcase of the conference, the “Manly Man’s Breakfast” which will fill you up with food.  No worries, right after the breakfast Pr. Wolfmueller will speak as to keep you awake after being filled with breakfasty goodness.

There will also be solid Lutheran preaching and worship going on as well.

Among the many good things that go along with this conference is meeting some of our regular readers and commenters as we get to put names to faces.  There is just good fun to be had in all of it and all the while learning more about being a Steadfast Lutheran.

The conference goes quickly by, but it is well worth the trip for those able to attend.  Please consider making it one of the more important conferences to take in this year.  Very few conferences can boast the quality of young, confessional Lutheran pastors speaking.  We are glad to have them and look forward to learning from them.



Note there are discounts for students (attention seminarians!) and husbands/wives (wives are very much welcome for all the conference including the “Manly Man’s Breakfast”).


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