Sound Off on the Election Results, by Pr. Rossow

For sure BJS is not a political blog. I am actually surprised and pleased at how seldom the BJS nation inserts political commentary into the blog comments.

As a reward, or maybe not, let’s take this one post and use it to sound off on the national and local elections. For sure, as President Harrison proved in Washington D. C. a few months ago, this election has huge implications for the Church.

I am disappointed by the outcome. Here are a few thoughts from your BJS Editor and erstwhile amateur political commentator that will hopefully prime the pump for your more insightful comments.

First of all, I am fearful of health and human care policies for our country. The Church will survive this since the gates of hell shall not prevail against It. However, there may be some persecution prices to pay for standing up against immoral policies against human life. (We just may see President Harrison sitting next to that Baptist guy in the jail cell.)

Secondly, I fear that President Obama’s good intentions to take from the rich to help the poor in the long run are counter productive and unscriptural. Overly liberal handouts create slothfulness and work against creating the responsibility that the constitution of this country requires if we are to be free to create our own economic and political destiny.

Thirdly, I fear that President Obama’s economic policies will make things worse and this will then decrease church offerings. For sure, the church does not live off of its offerings but off of the mercy and grace of God in Christ. But I do not think four more years bodes well for the bottom line. Thankfully economic realities often have a cyclical life of their own apart from national politics. May that be true so that our ailing economy can turn around.

Oh, and don’t worry, BJS is not going to go all political now. This post is a one time treat for the other amateur political hacks out there. I don’t expect you to agree with me. Feel free to take issue with what I have said (like I needed to say that) and for sure, feel free to offer something more profound, more to the point, more churchly, more visceral, more whatever. Have at it if you like…

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